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Because numbers have increased so much the athletic track cannot accommodate any more at this time. It is hoped to accept new applications in January. 

Nov 10: Another good timing session

Another good timing session with over 100 taking part and the vast majority showing improved times. You will all be fit for Christmas. Well done everyone including "The Volunteers" who keep the system working.


The Kilkenny Fit4life Club continues to meet its objectives by promoting the fitness level of participants. By monitoring members’ performances in a 3K timing session every three weeks each member of the club can see his or her own progression. Thirty members of the club completed the most recent timing on 5th May on the athletic track in ScanlonPark. On a very blustery night, not conducive to good times, just six registered slightly slower times than on the previous timing. For the ladies, Irene Henebry continues to turn in the fastest times, with Deirdre Scott and Catriona Muldowney making good progress. Donal Cadogan in the absence of David McPherson, has taken over the leadership role for the men. While the focus of the club, as the name suggests, is on improving fitness rather than being competitive, many club members have gained sufficient confidence to get involved in somewhat more demanding action. This can be seen in the number taking part in this year’s Kilkenny Road series and also in the various charity runs and mini –marathons. Some like Catriona Muldowney, Sheila O’Callaghan and Joan Martin have tasted success with Kilkenny City Harriers in the recent Four County League and also in the Leinster Novice Road Race.

Oct 20: Three Distinct Groups Have Emerged

After eight weeks of the current session three distinct groups have emerged: Walkers, 2K Joggers/Runners and 4K Runners. With over 100members currently registered a further training session has been added , n00n to 1.00pm on Saturdays. the extra training has proved effective with 77%of participants showing improved performances when Sept and Oct "timings" are compared. In the 2K group a fit triumvirate have come in under ten minutes. Ruth Cahalan, the sole under ten in Sept repeated the achievemnet in Oct when she was joined by John Galvin and Diane O'Reilly. The 4K group, running a slightly shorter course in Oct have eight participants clocking under twenty minutes. They are Donal Cadogan, Luke Creane, Donna Dowling, Irene Henebry, Sandra O'Brien, Sheila O'Callaghan, Anne Marie O'Grady and Marie Sheehan.

Sept 29: Great Turnout

There was a great turnout for our first timing of this session. 41 did the 4K on the road and 61 took the 2k on the track. It will be interesting to check the fitness levels at the next timing on Oct 20th.

July 2: Informality at Fit4life Club

The last formal training session for the Spring/Summer season of the Kilkenny Fit for Life Club took place at Scanlon Park athletic track on Thursday last. Following the training, club leader, Sean Lynch, presented the participants with medals and Hi-viz vests. The current season which has just concluded has been the most successful to date with over forty new members having joined. The enhanced conditions, with the Scanlon Park/Watershed development, have been a major factor in the increased interest. As well as the benefit members derived from improved fitness a number have competed successfully for local athletic clubs in various competitions. In order to monitor progress Timing sessions over a 3K distance were held at three weekly intervals. While all members showed improvement some made substantial progress. The most notable was the achievement of Paula Holohan. Over the season Paula knocked almost seven minutes off her initial time. Now that the formal training has ceased members will continue to train informally at the usual times in ScanlonPark and also in the CastlePark. Formal training is expected to recommence at 6.30pm on the first Tuesday in September.

Prizes were awarded in the following categories:-

Walkers- 1 Paula Holohan, 2 Kay Moore, 3 Kay McCarthy.

First Time Members- 1 Maria Reilly, 2 Grainne Tyrrell, 3 Aine Costello, 4 Sheila O’Callaghan, 5 Catriona Muldowney.

Non-First time Members- 1 Tara O’Gorman, 2 Majella O’Brien, 3 Mary Broderick.

Special Achievers- Siobhan Lawlor, Luke Creane, Brigid Keoghan, Donal Cadogan, Joanne Lawlor, Moira Walsh, Mary Neary and Darragh Sharpe.

May 26: More Good Times.

A strong and gusting wind swirled around ScanlonPark last Tuesday night. In athletic terms not the ideal conditions for achieving record times. For forty members of the Kilkenny Fit For Life Club the wind was irrelevant as they prepared for their “Timing” session, 3000m or seven and a half laps of ScanlonPark athletic track. Thirty-five out of the forty showed new/improved times. For many the progression in the fitness levels continues from one timing session to the next. Classic examples are Moira Walsh and Siobhan Lawlor. Moira’s times over the last four sessions reads 15.14, 14.43, 14.03. 14.01. Siobhan’s times are 15.40, 15.19, 15.18 and 14.58. The fastest time, 12.29, in last weeks session was once again recorded by Irene Henebry. When the first timing of the current term took place in March just one participant came in under fourteen minutes. In last weeks session there were nine. The training continues every Tuesday and Thursday, meeting at ScanlonPark at 6.30pm each evening. There are two more timing sessions scheduled for the current term June 16th and July 7th so there is plenty of time to make further progress.

May 5 2009: M
ore Progress Reported

Apr 14 2009:
Major Gains in Fit Club

Thirty-six members of the Kilkenny Fit4Life Club took part in the recent “Timing Session” at ScanlonPark. All thirty-six had their times recorded for a 3K run (seven and a half laps of the athletic track). The training over the three weeks since the previous timing has paid rich dividends for the vast majority of participants with 89% showing improvement. In addition some excellent times were recorded. Fastest of the men was David McPherson who was timed at 10 mins 23 secs, knocking thirty-three seconds of his previous time. Donal Cadogan and Darragh Sharpe were second and third. For the ladies it was Irene Henebry who led the field. Irene, well recovered from the Ultra in Connemara, completed the 3K in 12 mins 47 secs. Irene has been the record breaker since the club commenced in 2006 but some of the newcomers to the club are catching up. Catriona Muldowney knocked 50 seconds from her first timing to finish on 13 mins 36 secs. Moira Walsh, clocking 14 mins 43 secs,  had a thirty-one second improvement. Organised training continues every Tuesday and Thursday with the next timing session set for Tuesday 5th May.

Apr 8 2009: 10K Time Trial

A 10K Time Trial was held tonight. First in was David McPherson in 37.40 followed by Des Doyle in 49.34. Then Philip and Catherine Muldowney tied on 53.13. The next three were Siobhan Lawlor 55.59, Jo Scobie 56.07 and Cath Hyland 58.20. Well done all.

Mar 24 2009: Fifty Participants!
There were fifty participants in the most recent “Timing” of members of Kilkenny Fit for Life Club. The timing was over a measured 3K on ScanlonPark athletic track. Times ranged form 10mins.56secs for the fastest man and 11mins 47 seconds for the fastest lady to 27 plus minutes for the slowest three finishers. So it is safe to say there is quite a variety of fitness levels. The big question is, how many of these will show improved times at the next timing, scheduled for Tuesday 14th April.

Feb 17 2009: McPherson Continues to Show The Way
The first Timing Session in 2009 at the Kilkenny Fit4Life Club shows fitness levels continue to improve. David McPherson was the fastest runner at last week’s timing session. Being the fastest is no big deal for David whose his pre-Christmas performances for the 3K distance were under ten minutes. What is remarkable is his 9 minutes 9 seconds time achieved despite the extremely difficult training conditions over the previous three weeks. The fastest lady over the course was Irene Henebry who came in at 10 minutes 45 seconds. Newcomers Brigid Keoghan, Marion O’Dornaan and Yvonne Power all crossed the line at 15.35. Training continues every Tuesday and Thursday nights in James’s Park, Freshford Road from 7.00-8.00pm. Newcomers, be the walkers, joggers or runners are welcome at any of the sessions.

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