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Dec18 2008

Thursday night was party night at the Kilkenny Fit4Life Club. The occasion was the presentation of prizes at the conclusion of another successful season at the club. There were many frosty nights and sometimes extremely sodden underfoot conditions over the last four months. Full credit to those who persevered at the training. Forty-one of the forty-three participants showed improved performances since September. New friendships were formed and training partnerships established. Over mince pies, sweet cake, fruit and coffee there was discussion on the possibility of taking parting some local running events. There was even talk of preparing for the Dublin Mini Marathon. The question of the re-opening of the athletic track in ScanlonPark was also on the agenda. There were suggestions that the track might not be ready by mid-January as was previously understood. Sean Lynch, PRO Kilkenny City Harriers, who presented the medals and prizes, undertook to contact the manager of The Watershed to ascertain the situation. When the position is clarified the arrangements for the next session will be communicated.

Prizes were presented as follows:-

Point Scorers – 1st Mary Broderick, 23 points; 2nd Catherine Hyland, 27 points; 3rd Breda Butler, 31 points.

Fastest over 3K Course:- Men – David McPherson, 9mins 11 seconds; Ladies – Irene Henebry, 10 minutes 26 seconds.

Walkers:– 1st Louise Quinn, 2nd – Noreen Brannigan, 3rd – Roisin Boyd.

Most Improved (Previously registered):- 1st Denise Noonan, 2nd Siobhan Lawlor, 3rd Kate Millea.

Most Improved (New registrations):- 1st David McPherson, 2nd Darragh Sharpe, 3rd Jean Tormey.

Nov 27th 2008

Kilkenny City Harriers Fit4Life Club continues to “do what it says on the tin”. That is to improve the fitness levels of the members. The third timing for this session took place on Thursday night and once again in excess of 85% of participants.showed improved times over the 3K course. Most impressive was the performance of David McPherson who was clocked at 9mins 35secs for the run, the first to break ten minutes. Not far off that time was Des Doyle whose time was 10.10. Irene Henebry, the fastest of the ladies came in at 10.26. Kate Millea and Lisa Hennessy, both knocking over thirty seconds from their previous times, finished in 11.45 and 12.31 respectively. Club members should note that the final timing session for this season will be on Tuesday 16th December and not Thursday 18th as originally planned. Prizes for the best overall performers will be presented after training on Thursday 18th Dec.

Nov 6th 2008 Times have improved

That was the verdict after the second round of “Timing” in James’s Park on Thursday night. The training put in over the previous three weeks was evident as eighty-two percent of participants showed improved performances. Some improvements were of the order of six or ten seconds while a few knocked off minutes. It took walkers Noreen Brannigan, Mary Oakes and Siobhan Rhatigan less than nineteen minutes to complete the course. The runners started this run on a time stagger based on times achieved in the October run. First home was Ann Walsh in 12 minutes 28 seconds. She was followed in by Siobhan Lawlor and Mary Broderick. However the fastest time of the night, 10 minutes 58 seconds, was recorded by Barbara Rossiter. There were impressive runs by Irene Henebry, Des Doyle, Marie Gough and David McPherson all of whom got home under twelve minutes. The next timing is scheduled for Thursday 27th Nov when undoubtedly further improvements will be recorded. Training continues on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7.00pm in James’s Park and newcomers, be they walkers, joggers or runners are welcome to join up.

Oct 16th 2008 The Moon Shone Brightly

Members of the Kilkenny Fit4life Club had their first Timing Session of this season on Thursday night. With Scanlon Park athletic track still out of commission this session was held over a three kilometre distance in James’s Park with the boundaries marked by torchlight. Thankfully a reasonably good day resulted in very little slip-sliding around the course. A full moon made its appearance, helping to throw some light on the proceedings. The walkers were first away at ten past seven. The main bunch of joggers and runners commenced their run just four minutes later. First home was mother of two, Barbara Rossiter, who ran the course in an excellent time of 11mins 18seconds. Joan Martin was next in on 12.23 and Helen Doheny and Caterina Butler dead heated in third place on 12.47. For the walkers it was Mary Oakes and Noelle Wiley who were first across the line in 17mins 50 seconds. Denise Noonan was third on 20.23. The slowest walking time recorded on the night was 22.14 while the slowest running time was 18.40.

All participants will be hoping to knock a few seconds off their times by the next “Timing” which has been pencilled in for Thursday 6th November. Training continues on Tuesday and Thursday nights in James’s Park and newcomers are welcome to join in on any of these sessions.

Best wishes are extended to Ann Brett, Breegeen Murphy, Deirdre Scott, Marie Poyntz and Jacinta Horan, all of whom embark on the DublinCity marathon on the bank-holiday. These were members of the first Fit4Life group which commenced its training programme in September 2006.

Apr 22nd 2008 Celebration and Prizes

There was great celebration among participants in the current seasons Fit4life Programme with presentation of medals and prizes at ScanlonPark on Tuesday night. The Programme which started out last September attracted in excess of one hundred members as the season progressed. Fitness level being the principal focus rather than competitive running made the experience enjoyable. The Kilkrenny City Harriers club, which organised the programme, provided coaching and guidance to the members twice weekly over the last six months. Progress was monitored by club members with a timed run over a 3K distance every three weeks.

Prizes were presented to different categories with the top five in overall placings being Irene Henebry, Louise Quinn, Ruth Cahalan, Breegeen Murphy, and Mary Mason. Most Improved times of “Previous Participants” were Jacinta Horan, Joan Martin, Catherine Gutherie, Cathy Hyland, and Jane Evans. Most improved times of “First Timers” were Marie Dewberry, Clodagh Byrne, Anne Byrne, Bernie O’Neill, and Tara O’Gorman. Most improved times for Walkers were Noelle Wil;ey, Siobhan Lawlor, Bridgette O’Donnell, Niamh Sheehan, Noreen Brannigan. Specially inscribed Duiske Glass was presented to two members- Jacinta Horan, who posted the fastest time of 13 minutes 10 seconds and Luke Creane who had the most improved time performance. Numerous Spot Prizes, Medals, High-Viz Vests and training Diaries were also presented.

Sean Lynch, PRO Kilkenny City Harriers, who presented the prizes, thanked the club officials for their help and complimented the dedication of all who persevered with the training, especially on some of the harsh winter nights. He thanked sponsors Athletics Ireland, The Irish Sports Council and Kilkenny Recreation and Sports Partnership which made for generous prizes. He encouraged the members to continue their training over the summer by meeting at ScanlonPark on Tuesday nights at 7.00pm and at O’Loughlin Gaels GAA club on Thursday nights at 7.00pm. He also suggested to them that they should take part in upcoming events like the Kilkenny Road Series, starting next Wednesday night at Woodies DIY at 7.30pm, mini marathons and races organised by The County Kilkenny Athletics Board.

Some fast times

The current league has enabled many of our members not only ot improve stamina but also to increase pace.

Jacinta Horan is at the head of the pack averaging 4mins 23 secs per K giving her a sub 45 mins for the 10K. Others with similar performances are Irene Henebry, Jane Evans, Catherine Gutherie, Rebecca Meager, Caterina Butler and Joan Martin. Breegeen Murphy and Deirdre Scott came in on 49.40. Olivia Dowling also on 49.40. Ann Power clocked 49.55, June Ward and Marie Poyntz dead heated on 55.05, Michelle Nugent came in at 56.17 and Marie Dewberry just 3secs over the hour. What would the times be if that North east wind was in their backs instead of their faces on the Ring Road?? well done.

Some runs to consider over early summer

A. kilkenny road series. Apr 16 (2 miles), apr 23 (4 miles), Apr 30 (5miles), May 14 (6 miles), May 23 (3miles) . Meet at Woodies CarPark. All start at 7.30 pm except for May 23 which starts at 7.00pm

B. Kilkenny Rehab MINI MARATHON (10K). Days Hotel, 5th May at 3.00pm

C. You could also take part in remaining rounds of the 4 County league (see fixtures)

D. An easy run is the county Kilkenny Road Novice on 6th June

Unfortunately Scanlon Park will close in May for up-grading. By then The Castle Park will be open until late and groups should arrange to MEET AND TRAIN there for the Summer. You will be welcome back to Scanlon Park when it re-opens. Watch this site and read the athletic notes in the Kilkenny People. Take part in various leagues and road runs during spring and summer. Newcomers can still join. Complete registration form and pay joining fee 20 euro( a very low concession rate for 2008). An additional TIMIMG was HELD ON Tuesday 26TH Feb.

New-comers (Walkers, joggers and runners) welcome at any time.

21st Feb 2008 Getting Ever Fitter

Regular training is the key to fitness. This is what the people involved in the current Fit4Life programme have proved for themselves. The sixth timing over the 3K course took place at ScanlonPark athletic track on Thursday night last. Just over 79% showed improved times over their previous bestperformances. What is really remarkable is that the vast majority of those who have been involved at all stages have shown improvement at every timing. Seven came in under 14 minutes. They are Breegeen Murphy, Jacinta Horan, Catherine Gutherie, Deirdre Scott, Ann Power, Jane Evans and Joan Martin. Winners of Spot Prizes on the night were Sharon O’Gorman, Bernie O’Neill, Ann Power and Teresa O’Neill. For the next couple of months the Meet and Train will continue in ScanlonPark on Tuesday nights and at O’Loughlin Gaels on Thursday nights at the usual time of 7.00pm to 8.00pm. The only exception will be Thursday 13th March when prizes will be presented in St Canice’s Community Hall, Granges Road at 8.15pm

31st Jan 2008 Weather No Problem

To misquote Robert Service “It was icy cold, but the hot sweat rolled down our cheeks but we do know why” Yes it was Thursday night and the fifth Timed Run of the current Fit4Life Programme was taking place in Scanlon Park. It really was icy cold and not a night to be out but over forty participated and all raised a sweat despite the cold. . Some could not make it because they were down with flu and some didn’t make it because they didn’t want to catch flu. Ann Brett gave it a miss as she made final preparations for her wedding on Friday. No doubt she will be back fighting fit after the honeymoon. The training over the last couple of weeks has paid off as 95% of participants showed improved times. Catherine Gutherie ignored the snow in Tullaroan to make it to ScanlonPark to set one of the fastest times of the night, 13mins 50 seconds for the 3K run. She was marginally ahead of Ann Power whose time was 13.57. Deirdre Scott and Breegeen Murphy also had good times, both finishing on 13.59. Fastest on the night was Irene Henebry. Irene will be missing for a number of weeks as she undergoes surgery this weekend. However her time of 13mins 26 secs for the 3K run last Thursday will be a useful target for the others during her absence. Winners of Spot prizes on the night were Tracy Deegan, Jane Evans, Alice Ryan and Joanne Lawlor. Training continues at ScanlonPark every Tuesday and Thursday from 7.00pm-8.00pm. Newcomers are welcome to join in the training any night.

10th Jan 2008

Forty-four participants in the current Fit4life Programme braved the weather to take the fourth 3K time challenge at ScanlonPark last Thursday night. The impact of the festive season was very evident with more than three-quarters of the participants showing slippage on their pre-Christmas times. With the lesson about regular exercise well learned and training continuing at 7.00pm in ScanlonPark each Tuesday and Thursday it is expected that the situation will be reversed in time for the next challenge on 31st January. New members, especially men, are welcome to join in this Meet and Train initiative.

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